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Diploma of Business

This qualification is suited to those with substantial experience in business or those who have little experience, but have sound theoretical knowledge, and wish to further their educational and employment opportunities. Understand the functions within a business and become equipped to effectively communicate and manage to achieve your career aspirations.

FAST FACTS – ‘92.2% of those completing training were employed or in further studies’.*

Signing Up To Our Diploma of Business Course

There are tens of thousands of businesses in Australia – and hundreds of thousands in the wider world. These companies can come and go, but in order to maintain their credibility and services they will need to stay on top of the times. And how can they do that you ask? By employing an expert that can boast a Diploma of Business, of course! At Westbourne College this diploma is one of our most popular – and with it you could go on to help with complete market domination.

What does this diploma involve?

Being part of a business is one thing, but knowing how to maximise its productivity and functionality is something else entirely. That is exactly what this business diploma can help you with and with it, you could go on to pursue a career as a manager that’s able to reap the rewards of a successful enterprise in a way that your competition simply couldn’t hope to understand.

How long can this course take?

In most cases you could be awarded with a Diploma of Business in the space of a single year. Some of our students prefer to pace themselves, so we’d suggest allowing up to two years for completion – but this will depend on the time that you have available, as well as whether or not you’d like to speed the process up.

Being able to study online can be a huge advantage and this course has had its curriculum specially developed to ensure that you can enjoy the potential of an online college, without needing to attend any formal assessments, or even sign up for work experience within a physical working environment. We consider it our job to make your online education as quick and easy as possible, whilst offering the most extensive results in the country.

Are there any particular careers that can be pursued with this diploma?

The great thing about business is that it encompasses an incredible variety of possibilities, industries and sectors. With this qualification, you could go on to do any number of things relating to the management of a business. You could:

  • Establish and run your own successful business
  • Offer your services as a business consultant
  • Provide business development strategies and services
  • And much more

What types of assessments will this course include?

The curriculum that we have developed for our business diploma course is one of the most versatile out there. It enables our tutors to remain flexible as far as assessments are concerned, whilst still ensuring that you, as their student, will get the most from your education. Assessments can take on the form of written exams which can be submitted online, as well as case studies and assignments – all of which can be proposed at the discretion of your tutor, allowing for even more flexibility.

Is this course solely online?

To answer this question it might be best to say that if you want to study online then you can, but if you’d prefer to obtain experience in real-life, then this is an option as well. Our business diploma course is ideal for those that have a few spare hours in the evening, or those that want to study in between working days, or whenever they have some time available. That being said, there’s no harm in receiving physical education if you’d prefer – simply to complement your education.

What can you do with a Diploma of Business?

What can’t you do should be the question! Business is business – and it’s as wide as it is varied. Thousands of companies are willing to pay huge incomes to those with these types of qualifications, simply to cover the extensive knowledge and expertise that qualified students like you could bring to the table.

Once you’re qualified we have no doubt that you will find a range of options available to you – in fact with this diploma increasing in demand, more and more positions appear to be opening to cater to it.

Choosing Westbourne College to help with your education

There’s a reason why so many people come to us for help with their professional education, in fact we can think of three. We are effective. We are affordable and we offer some of the most advanced online training in the country.

We pride ourselves on being able to cater to our students; regardless of what they wish to study and how they’d like to take their education to the next level.

Whether you simply want to enhance your knowledge and expertise, or if you would like to take on a new role as an Executive Officer, a Program Coordinator, or a manager in general – you can count on us to take care of your education and you’ll soon be enjoying the career of your dreams in no time at all!

About this qualification

This qualification is suited to those with substantial experience in business or those who have little experience, but have sound theoretical knowledge, and wish to further their educational and employment opportunities.


Assessment methods may include:

  • Projects / Research
  • Written Assignments & Case Studies
  • Scenarios

Delivery & Duration

  • 1 – 2 years
  • Blended mode learning or On-line

Your career

This course provides you with the skills and knowledge to undertake jobs roles such as:

  • Executive Officer
  • Program Consultant
  • Program Coordinator
  • Office Manager

Type of study

Classroom-Blended, Blended, Workplace, On-line.


After achieving the BSB50215 Diploma of Business, candidates may undertake a range of other Advanced Diploma qualifications.

What you will learn

You will achieve the ability to manage meetings, undertake projects and recruitment along with planning, designing and developing administration systems and documents. Further to this, you will learn to prioritise personal and professional work and other management requirements for business.

One of Australia’s leading training providers

Westbourne is one of Australia’s leading training providers for individuals, businesses, community groups and Government with a record of success in designing and delivering nationally recognised training qualifications.

Fees & Payment Options

  • Option one –initial $200 administration fee and less than $5 a day up to 2 years – total payable $3,632.
    Note, we cannot issue your qualification until payment has been received in full.
  • Option two – Pay up front and receive a 10% discount – total charge $3,269.

Entry Requirements

  • There are no entry requirements for this qualification. Applicant will be required to successfully complete an ACSF language, literacy and numeracy (LLN) assessment.
  • Learning (ACSF Level 3), reading (ACSF Level 3), writing (ACSF Level 3), oral communication (ACSF Level 3) and numeracy (ACSF Level 3) are desirable to participate in the course.

Units of competency

The BSB50215 Diploma of Business requires 8 units of competency:

  • BSBRSK501 – Manage risk
  • BSBADV507 – Develop a media plan
  • BSBHRM501 – Manage human resource services
  • BSBHRM509 – Manage rehabilitation or return to work programs
  • BSBHRM513 – Manage workforce planning
  • BSBMGT403 – Implement continuous improvement
  • BSBWOR501 – Manage personal work priorities and professional development
  • BSBADM502 – Manage meetings

* Statistics sourced from the National Centre for Vocational Research.

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