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Diploma of Leadership and Management

This qualification reflects the role of individuals who apply knowledge, practical skills and experience in leadership and management across a range of enterprise and industry contexts. If you’re a natural leader and want to formalise your skills to advance your career, the Diploma of Leadership and Management is the ideal course for you.

FAST FACT -‘92% of those completing training were employed or in further studies”.*

Our Extensive Diploma of Leadership and Management Course

Our Diploma of Leadership and Management course is by far one of the most beneficial that we offer, with hundreds of our students going on to tackle some of the most highly paid management roles in Australia. This course can be ideal to sign up to with little to no experience, but if you’ve recently been awarded your level IV certificate in Leadership and Management, then this could be the next step on your educational pathway.

What is this course about?

If you are keen to enjoy a management role within a particular industry (of which there are hundreds that can be chosen from), this diploma could be ideal for you. It’s extensive in the sense that it goes above and beyond regular training – with the majority of our students feeling more than confident enough to manage entire teams of staff, or offer their effective leadership skills to their own businesses. The options are almost endless, with countless opportunities once the qualification has been obtained.

What is the recommended duration of this course?

We recommend that anyone wishing to undertake this course allow themselves between one and two years for full completion. As the training can be undertaken from home, within the workplace, or at a physical institute – it can go on for as little or as long as you’d prefer. In our experience, most students can qualify at the end of their first year, but those with minimal spare time might want to allow themselves a little bit longer.

In any event, our highly educated tutors are always on hand to offer help and advice to those in need. If you are keen to complete your course and achieve your diploma by a particular date, they will undoubtedly do everything that they can to help you to obtain your goals. If you’re a little unsure, then it might be best to get in touch.

What types of careers can students pursue once qualified?

This diploma is internationally recognised and the career opportunities are wide and varied. Most of our students will go on to pursue careers as:

  • Team Leaders
  • Supervisors
  • Operation Managers
  • Branch and Depot Managers
  • Senior Managers and Higher Staff

Are there any assessments involved with this diploma?

Yes – our tutors have specially designed assessments to adhere to the strict guidelines and policies, as proposed by curriculums and educational authorities. These assessments are also a great way to ensure that a student is progressing at a good level. Some of this courses assessments will include written assignments, case studies that can be submitted online and project research; as well as scenarios and fake environments that a student can be metaphorically placed into to gauge their skills and expertise.

What types of study options are available for students?

At Westbourne College, we offer a great variety of learning potential when it comes to pursuing your education. When studying for this course, you can do so entirely online – as well as in your own workplace, or at a physical educational institute. We are flexible as far as your education is concerned and as long as you can promise to remain dedicated, we can promise to pull out all the stops to help you with your situation and study preferences.

What can happen after the diploma is obtained?

Our Diploma of Leadership and Management is internationally recognised and can be put to good use within Australia, or wherever you wish for that matter. Businesses of all sizes are becoming increasingly desperate to hire people with this type of qualification; mainly due to the fact that their expertise can better the operations of a company, as well as its productivity.

There will undoubtedly be dozens of sectors that open up once you are qualified; from retail and office management, to personnel supervision and everything in between.

Why should you choose us for your higher education?

We aren’t exaggerating when we say that we are one of the best educational institutes in Australia; in fact many of our students consider us the best online college in the country.

If you want to enjoy your own pace of learning, whilst taking full advantage of some of the most highly trained and qualified tutors and their expertise, then you are in the right place.

We’ve dedicated years to honing our skills and services and these days, we can help people from all walks of life that want to better their education and understanding of particular subjects. We do all of this with you and your situation in mind, too.

We’re here right now to offer help and advice and our team can even assist with your enrolment and application – so get in touch with us today to learn more, or to sign up to our effective Leadership and Management Diploma.

About this qualification

This qualification reflects the role of individuals who apply knowledge, practical skills and experience in leadership and management across a range of enterprise and industry contexts.


Assessment methods may include:

  • Projects / Research
  • Written Assignments & Case Studies
  • Scenarios

Delivery & Duration

  • 1 – 2 years
  • Blended mode learning or On-line

Your career

This course provides you with the skills and knowledge to undertake jobs roles such as:

  • Senior Manager
  • Branch Manager
  • Supervisors
  • Team Leader
  • Operations Manager

Type of study

Classroom-Blended, Blended, Workplace, On-line.


After achieving the BSB51915 Diploma of Leadership & Management, candidates may undertake a range of other Advanced Diploma qualifications.

What you will learn

  • Manage plans
  • Select, recruit, induct and manage staff
  • Lead effective teams and workplace relationships
  • Manage work priorities and own professional development
  • Manage stakeholders and risk

One of Australia’s leading training providers

Westbourne is one of Australia’s leading training providers for individuals, businesses, community groups and Government with a record of success in designing and delivering nationally recognised training qualifications.

Fees & Payment Options (70% CHEAPER THAN NATIONAL AVERAGE)*

  • Option one – initial $200 administration fee and less than $5 a day up to 2 years – total payable $3,632. Note, we cannot issue your qualification until payment has been received in full.
  • Option two – Pay up front and receive a 10% discount – total charge $3,269.

Entry Requirements

  • There are no entry requirements for this qualification. Applicant will be required to successfully complete an ACSF language, literacy and numeracy (LLN) assessment.
  • Learning (ACSF Level 3), reading (ACSF Level 3), writing (ACSF Level 3), oral communication (ACSF Level 3) and numeracy (ACSF Level 3) are desirable to participate in the course.

Units of competency

The BSB51915 Diploma of Leadership and Management requires 12 units of competency:

  • BSBLDR501 Develop and use emotional intelligence
  • BSBMGT517 Manage operational plan
  • BSBLDR502 Lead and manage effective workplace relationships
  • BSBWOR502 Lead and manage team effectiveness
  • BSBINM501 Manage an information or knowledge management system
  • BSBLED501 Develop a workplace learning environment
  • BSBSUS501 Develop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability
  • BSBWRK510 Manage employee relations
  • BSBMGT502 Manage people performance
  • BSBMGT516 Facilitate continuous improvement
  • BSBWHS501 Ensure a safe workplace
  • BSBWOR501 Manage personal work priorities and professional development


* Statistics sourced from the National Centre for Vocational Research.

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