Welcome to Westbourne

We are one of Australia’s leading online and digital training colleges available to students of all ages and nationalities. Over the years, we’re worked tirelessly to help people from all walks of life to undertake new educational journeys; many of which have led to our students becoming successful within their industry!

What do we offer?

Our college is digital by nature and all of our courses adhere to strict curriculums and guidance policies. As an online educational institute, we are able to offer a great selection of courses that can be ideal for a range of career choices and pathways. The entirety of our curriculum takes place online, that can allow training to be done at home – and at a pace that suits your exact schedule and responsibilities!

The courses we offer:

  • Our Certificate IV Leadership and Management – a certificate IV training program that’s ideal for those wanting to undertake supervisory roles within a professional environment

  • Our Diploma of Leadership and Management – an even better way to enhance the knowledge and understanding required to take on a management role at a higher level

  • Our Diploma of Business – an advanced training program that many entrepreneurs and enthusiasts undertake in order to acquaint themselves with professional markets

  • Our Certificate IV Security and Risk Management – which results in a certificate IV that can be put to amazing use within dozens of sectors that risk management roles encompass

  • Our Diploma of Security and Risk Management – a higher level of education that can provide an even greater amount of understanding pertaining to the roles and responsibilities of a risk manager

  • Our Certificate III Security Operations – another one of our popular online courses that result in a certificate III that can offer a great way to enter the security operations field

Why choose us?

Every year we enrol thousands of new students to our courses and even with this huge amount of people studying for their own careers and educational pathways – we still boast one of the highest rates of success in the country. Our tutors are second to none and many of them have been in their particular industries for years.

In this time they have learnt to hone their skills, knowledge and expertise in a way that can advance the education of our students; with methods that rival even physical colleges and universities.

We understand just what it takes to provide a superior service to our students; one that people of all skills and capabilities could stand to benefit from. We rely on the most up to date techniques as afforded by our curriculums and this enables us to ensure that we can extend the most concise, coherent and effective teaching practices imaginable.


What do we charge? 

We aren’t just one of the most well-known online schools in Australia; we also happen to be one of the most affordable. We accept grants and loan arrangements and our friendly advisors are even happy to help our students to work out how to take advantage of the ideal packages for their needs. As far as our prices are concerned, many of our courses can be undertaken for much less than others available out there – and although we are cheaper by nature, it certainly doesn’t mean that we will sacrifice on the quality of our services.

Our courses are some of the most extensive in the world, but that won’t mean that they are challenging. In fact the majority of our courses can be undertaken by those with little to no experience – and even our diplomas have clearly defined enrolment specifications that can help you to understand whether or not you would be eligible to sign up with us today.


Getting in touch with us 

If you are interested in signing up to our courses,  we are here to help, so why not get in touch with us today for a little more information? We’ll help you to understand the options that are available to you and our friendly team of advisors are on hand right now to offer guidance, support and help whenever you might need it.

You can reach us directly by giving our team a call, or if you’d prefer, simply send us a quick email and we will forward your correspondence to the right department to ensure that you receive the best answer to your enquiry.

If you’d like to browse our courses, then feel free to do so via our training program pages and from our team here at Westbourne College, we genuinely wish you all the best with your studies and we have no doubt that when training with us, you’ll find success in all of your future endeavours